Welcome to the one of a kind Ozora Festival in Hungary

The Best Party in Europe

The Ozora Festival in Hungary, organized by the people from Radio Ozora, is an annual event happening every summer for two weeks in the beautiful area near lake Balaton. But don't be fooled, we are much more than an outdoors live concert show. If you decide to come, you will have an experience you'll remember forever. Apart from the excellent music performances, you can also witness jaw-dropping visual arts exhibitions from artists coming from all around the world. During the night, there are three main staging areas with live music, with shows starting from 9 pm and lasting well into the night. And during the day, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the magnificent nature and use that time to relax, go to the beach, or play some sports with your friends. Casino games are an excellent choice for group entertainment in day-breaks. Make sure to visit Casino-Fiable and extend your fun instantly by playing free real money casino games on various credible French gambling sites. Also, don't miss out on a chance to visit the Balaton Uplands National Park - the perfect place for a mountain hike. If the Ozorafest sounds like something you want to be part of, head to our website at and buy your ticket now.

Ozora Festival

What to Expect

Make sure you have your camping essentials with you and don't forget to bring some good friends too. The Hungarian Festival Ozora is an outdoor event promoting a special kind of counterculture where we say no to capitalism and greediness, and we embrace living a simple life. Our continuous success is only further proven by the Ozora Festival's line up of many popular musicians and artists that share the same views as us. To find out more, please visit the Ozora Fest website, and while you are there don't forget to subscribe in order to receive important updates. Please remember that this is an open-air event, and therefore, you should prepare adequately before your arrival. We have a camping guide that you can consult and ensure you bring the proper clothes and equipment, so your time spent here is as enjoyable as possible.

A Festival of a Different Kind

The Ozora Music Festival is run entirely on renewable solar energy, and we pride ourselves on being the first carbon-neutral open-air event in Europe. The electrical energy required for the Ozora Festival live performances is produced by solar generators situated nearby the staging area. Apart from this, you will be able to experience a genuinely self-sufficient manner of producing food, which is grown in the village of Ozora by local farmers and is used in the food you will eat here. We employ the best chefs, and you can be sure that everything you taste here will be delicious and of high quality. You can also part take in free classes during the day, teaching how you can incorporate this way of living in your everyday life. At OzoraFest, we are all about sustainability and protecting the environment through direct action. So if you have similar values, you'll fit perfectly here.

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